Space Quest Animation is up!

2012-10-29 11:14:45 by Bowz

I've finished my latest cartoon, it's a parody on Space Quest. If you're familiar with the series it will be more enjoyable, (so get familiar!) I made it in the style of Space Quest 3, which had EGA graphics (16 colors).

My next animation is going to be... more DOVAHBEAR!

Space Quest Animation is up!


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2012-10-29 12:02:56

Ey man how did you do the pixel animation ? If you say "the pixel tool" then I wonder why it doesn't work on my version of flash.

Bowz responds:

It's called Pixel Tools, and it works on most versions of Flash, up to CS4 (which spits out constant error messages as you use it) I don't know if it works on higher versions of Flash, or if there is a better tool out there.


2012-10-29 13:57:44

This is so inspiring, the dark tone and music gave me the impression this was Pc and Snes game Another World...

I created an engine which was called G-Flash which is basically a pixel engine and experimented it on here for a project called the king of schools, i never thought i would see another original pixel project, it's strange the format is familiar..... Like it was based on such platforms like Monkey island and other Dos games.


2012-10-29 18:22:39

Cool! :D


2012-10-30 00:53:58

*u* You just got so much cooler.

Bowz responds:

Thanks Jaxxy! :D


2012-10-30 04:48:47

DUDE that was amazing. Hahaha yess

Bowz responds:

Thanks Matt!


2012-11-01 05:17:40

You made my day yesterday. And today.


2012-11-28 15:34:09

Awesome pixel work!


2012-12-26 20:51:29

Woooooooo! Yeah! Dovahbear!