Animation Tutorial, and Pico Day!

2014-05-07 22:36:02 by Bowz

I made an animation tutorial, showing how I animate in 2d. This is for everyone out there who's interested in how I approach my cartoons.  This covers the basic rough first pass of my process. I hope some of you find it useful!


Pico Day!!

It was a lot of fun. We got to see the Newgrounds office one last time, admired the wall of dicks, pocketed some penicorns...  Met a lot of cool people!  Near the end of the day my stamina gave out and I lost the energy to engage more people. It was great hanging out with all of you, and for those I didn't get to meet, maybe we will meet next Pico Day, wherever it may be.




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2014-05-07 23:43:10

wa must watch now


2014-05-08 00:10:44

Penicorns for all! hahaha, it was really cool meeting you!

Bowz responds:

Yeah man, it was good meeting you too!


2014-05-08 05:14:19

very nice this Tutorial "Animation" has helped me a lot thanks for making a Tutorial


2014-05-08 10:39:56

Really helpful, thanks. I'd love to hear your thought process when doing your line work and colour for your animations.

Bowz responds:

I might make that as part 2, maybe I'll finish the animation I started.


2014-05-09 04:31:29

Thanks for making that tutorial Bowz! I watched it the other day and learned a ton. You're a natural teacher! c:

Sorry I missed ya this year at Pico Day~! Hope it was a blast!

Bowz responds:

Thanks Sab!!!
Yeah sorry, I had to leave early monday. Next Pico Day! :D


2014-05-10 16:50:14

I agree with Sabs! That was a super helpful video!
Freakin' awesome meeting and hanging with ya!

Bowz responds:

Yeah Digs! You're a cool dude, it was great hanging with you. Glad the video was helpful!


2014-06-30 16:13:22

Congratulations on having 2000 fanz :DDD lets have a party bro