Lunch with Mancubus

2014-08-24 11:11:03 by Bowz


There's not too much to be said here, a demon continues to be harassed, and bad things happen.  I was going to make this a 3 parter ending with the obvious "Dinner with Mancubus"  But I may just move on to something new.


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2014-08-24 12:56:20

I completely vote for a third. My head already gets imagining a romantic dinner with some other Doom enemy like the Arch-vile. Man, Arch-viles are *still* fucking horrifying to me.


2014-08-24 17:35:00

In lieu, of a review, just... cool.



2014-08-24 18:33:26

If it would change your mind, another Mancubus would be cool. I love it and the lunch episode was touching. From now on, whenever I dust off my old 486DX, start to play Doom II again and shoot a Mancubus I will get really emotional when I kill it. Or maybe not, since I am in IDDQD mode and gods don't cry.


2014-08-25 07:50:57

Dinner with Mancubus... what's going to happen this time? You're not going to make Doomguy the dinner, are you?!


2014-08-25 20:04:56

Please make a third.


2014-08-27 11:39:00

Yeah a third part would be cool but if you've got bigger fish to fry
Fair enough