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Was that a breakfast burrito? This is twisted!

That was pretty funny. I love his expression.
I thought he would stare at his own reflection in the water, then fall forward.

Are people on Newgrounds complaining about senseless violence? Is it because we are in 2018??

The violence didn't feel senseless to me. It felt like a parody of a hack and slash dungeon crawler where you care little for the NPCs. You just want to win. The result is a short taking place in such a game where the players are a couple of assholes smashing through everything in their path to get loot.
The animation was amazing, the goblin massacre was hilarious. I enjoyed seeing the two guys constantly picking on their goblin slave, only for it to backfire on them in the end. That whole moment when they are surfing his giant body down the mountain was really well done. Had me laughing a lot. This is the kind of stuff that reminds me why I love animation. Keep up the good work!

This is a minor quibble, but having the character ask the girl to repeat herself doesn't move the scene forward. Whenever I see dialog like this I start to lose interest because the scene isn't moving, it's stuttering. You can still have the guy respond to the questions that catches him off guard, and add information to the scene. "Aren't you a millennial?" "I don't understand why that's important." That would then force her next line to be more interesting than repeating her first line.

It's kinda like the 'yes and..' rule in improv, you don't always have to respond with "yes" but you have to add to the scene to keep thing interesting.

Take all that with a grain of salt though, you'll notice that almost none of my videos have dialog :D

I appreciate that he's dead. I think Tails should have been buried alive with Sonic though. I think that's what he would have wanted.
Nice animation, very well done.

Ant0on responds:

lol thank you!

Was that the Ghostbusters car? Did the Ghostbusters make a ghost?!
Really awesome work man.

Sonic is dead? This make me happy. You know Mario pulled the plug right?

I've never seen consoles animated so well! And with a flare of nostalgia.

You had me at "Long lost twin father"!

What do we do now? Where do we go from here?

Life is a big shit sandwich and we all have to take a bite. Time to get to work!

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