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Bowz's News

Posted by Bowz - May 3rd, 2016

See you all there, until then here's a drawing of Pico looking chimpish.



Posted by Bowz - September 14th, 2014


If anyone wants a Dovahbear bust, they are now avaiable at Shapeways.com where it is 3d printed on demand!

It took me awhile to get it the right size, while using as little material as possible. More material drives up the cost, but less material makes it more fragile. There are two versions, one is full color sandstone, which has a lower resolution as you can see in the image. The flexible plastic is higher res, but comes in one color (but you can paint it if you'd like) 

Goto http://www.shapeways.com/shops/bowz to get one!

I also made a video promoting it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0Jdqo5EUqg


Speaking of Dovahbear, I'm wrapping up my current cartoon and I've already begun storyboarding the next Dovahbear. It may take awhile, but it will be made.


Posted by Bowz - August 24th, 2014


There's not too much to be said here, a demon continues to be harassed, and bad things happen.  I was going to make this a 3 parter ending with the obvious "Dinner with Mancubus"  But I may just move on to something new.


Posted by Bowz - July 28th, 2014

When I was a kid Doom / Doom 2 where the most impressive games in existence. I played those games until I couldn't. The "fake" 3d didn't digest well with me and I would get sick after an hour of play.

My friends and I were a fan club for Mancubus, there was something very silly about him. This big demon lumbering around making silly demon sounds. I would incorporate many of those sounds into Windows.  When it starts you hear an angry Mancubus, when you exit windows you hear his pain wav file "Oooohhaaaagh"

Anyways, here is part one of a two part series for Mancubus. I imagine he tries to enjoy a quiet breakfast with a cup of coffee before doing this dance him and Doom guy must do.



Posted by Bowz - May 7th, 2014

I made an animation tutorial, showing how I animate in 2d. This is for everyone out there who's interested in how I approach my cartoons.  This covers the basic rough first pass of my process. I hope some of you find it useful!



Pico Day!!

It was a lot of fun. We got to see the Newgrounds office one last time, admired the wall of dicks, pocketed some penicorns...  Met a lot of cool people!  Near the end of the day my stamina gave out and I lost the energy to engage more people. It was great hanging out with all of you, and for those I didn't get to meet, maybe we will meet next Pico Day, wherever it may be.



Posted by Bowz - March 30th, 2014

I made a post on Tumblr about my thoughts on the new Turtles look.



Then I spent a day animating it.



I could get used to the turtles new faces if the movie is really good. I guess we will see.


Posted by Bowz - March 4th, 2014

New cartoon "Breaking Poke-bad" is finally out.  This was a silly little idea I had a long time ago. Making it took much longer than I expected.  I made this one in Toon Boom Animate Pro, which is a first for me. It took a while to learn how to use the software with my workflow, but now that I'm familiar with it I can't see myself going back to Flash.  It's nice to have software that was made specifically for the animator.

Shout out to Hans Van Harken for doing some awesome voice work on Jesse Pinkman and Walter White, and to El-Cid for voicing silly ol Huell.

I already have some new content in the works. I'm hoping it doesn't take me 5 months this time!



Posted by Bowz - December 1st, 2013

Hello Newgrounds, it's been awhile. For anyone who has the mildest interest in my activities, here's an **UPDATE**
I haven't posted anything since spring, and while I'd like to say it's because I've been working on my next big animation, the truth is sadly I have not.

I've spent this entire summer putting together 12 30-60min videos teaching animation physics. These video are part of a course that will be taught at http://www.cgtarian.com. If you want to learn CG animation check it out. I was thinking of doing a similar video for flash animation that would be free. If anyone is interested in that, let me know.

Most of my days are being spent animating on this movie http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1646971/?ref_=nv_sr_1 which is turning out to be an amazing film!

Now that my free time is no longer being spent making educational videos, I've started working on my next cartoon which I will be posting on Newgrounds and Youtube as usual. I'm not going to say what its about because I don't want to create any expectations.

That's whats new with me, I leave you with this drawing of a burnt out Jesse Pinkman, and a Japanese Walter White.


A Bowz update!

Posted by Bowz - April 7th, 2013

After 4 months, working nights and weekends, I finally finished the next Dovahbear video. It's been almost a year since I submitted the last one, I don't know if anyone plays Skyrim anymore (I do) but the video is more about this silly bear than it is about making a parody of a video game. There are still plenty of references for those who enjoy the game.

Hope everyone likes it, I'm going to take a breather.



Dovahbear 3 is here

Posted by Bowz - March 25th, 2013

What's up dudes. It's been awhile since I've made a contribution to Newgrounds. I've been working furiously on the next Dovahbear episode, which is about 85-90% finished. The cleanup process has been tedious and mind numbing, so to break things up a bit I made a few T-shirt designs and opened a Spreadshirt account.


Before making this public I ordered several t-shirt brands to find the best. American Apparel was the most well fitting and comfortable. So if by chance you've been wanting a Dovahbear t-shirt, now you can have one!

Dovahbear 3 coming soon!


Dovahbear T-shirts